History of Sexuality & Other Critical Links

These are some of my favourite history-of-sexuality related blogs, events and websites:

  • BiGS (Birkbeck Gender & Sexuality) : Birkbeck’s own research forum for the study of gender and sexuality organises a wide range of seminars, conferences, film screenings, public lectures and one-off events.
  • History of Sexuality Seminar IHR : This new interdisciplinary research seminar at the Institute of Historical Studies, London, meets regularly to present cutting edge research in the history of sexuality. It has its own blog, Notches .
  • Critical Sexology :  An interdisciplinary seminar series that brings together humanities scholars, medical professionals, artists and others interested in the construction and management of gender and sexuality.
  • Lisa Downing : Professor of French Discourses of Sexuality and sexuality critic who writes the thought-provoking blog Sex Critical .
  • Lesley Hall: Archivist and historian at the Wellcome Library whose website offers a rich resource for anyone interested in the history of sexuality including CFP listings and book reviews. Lesley also has her own blog .

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