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Graphic Details Programme out Now!

The programme for the conference Graphic Details: Communities of Experience it out now. Organised by Sarah Lightman and me, it will take place on Wednesday, 12 November at JW3 in London. Click here for tickets and details about how to get there.

The conference is based on the first touring exhibition of comics and cartoons by contemporary Jewish women, whose autobiographical comics confront issues personal and global. The event brings together academics and some of the artists whose work is exhibited, thus offering a unique opportunity to discuss and explore the diverse body of works by Jewish women today.

Participating artists include Sarah Lightman, Miriam Katin, Diane Noomin, Corinne Pearlman, Ariel Schrag, Ilana Zeffren. Plus there will be a special Laydeez do Comics evening session featuring Nicola Streeten, Janis Goodman, Denise Torrance, and Sam Cowan!

Please spread the word! Looking forward to seeing many people comics lovers as well as those with an interest in autobiographical narratives and contemporary culture at the event.

3 November 2014.

NB: This post was amended on 12 November 2014 in response to a demand by a participant who withdrew from the event and asked for their name to be removed from all publicity.


28 Jan. 2014: Jewish Women and Comics

My research interests in representations of feelings and experience, and the links between individual and collective identities also has a contemporary dimension. I’m pleased to announce this Call for Papers for a Symposium I’m organising with the artist and curator, Sarah Lightman, one of the organisers of Laydeez Do Comics.

Communities of Experience? A Symposium on Autobiographical Comics by Jewish Women

Wednesday, 12 November 2014; JW3, The Jewish Community Centre London

This interdisciplinary one-day symposium will put academics and cartoonists in dialogue with one another to discuss comics by and about Jewish women. Confirmed participants include Dr. David Brauner (University of Reading), Dr Ariela Freedman (Concordia University), and Graphic Details Artist Corinne Pearlman (Playing the Jewish Card).

Comics and graphic narratives are currently receiving substantial attention in popular culture and academic disciplines across the arts and humanities. The rise of genres such as graphic memoirs, graphic journalism and graphic histories, for example, indicates that the representation of lived experience in comics form has become central to explorations of individual and collective identities, and to the documentation of historical and social events. But how, if at all, does the representation of often deeply personal feelings and individual experiences connect to collective events and identities? Can we identify shared themes and concerns in the work of contemporary Jewish women comics artists?

We invite contributions for 20-minute papers that explore the intersections between Jewishness and other forms of identification and identity in comics and graphic narratives by women. Papers may address but are not limited to:

Women and Comics * Feminism * Gender * Sexuality * The Body * Illness * Trauma * Memory * Family * History * Israel & Palestine * Race * Religion * Cultural Politics * Artistic and/or Literary Traditions * Women & Judaism

Proposals for 20 minute papers or panels comprising three papers should be emailed by 15 May 2014 to the organizers Sarah Lightman s.lightman.1@research.gla.ac.ukand Heike Bauer h.bauer@bbk.ac.uk . Please include a 300-word abstract plus a short biographical note. You are welcome to submit images to supplement your abstract submission.

Screen Shot 2014-01-28 at 15.08.36 

This event runs in conjunction with the opening of Graphic Details: Confessional Comics by Jewish Women, at Space Station 65, Kennington (October- November 2014). This show is the first museum exhibit dedicated to the contribution Jewish women have made to the genre of autobiographical comic (seewww.forward.com/graphic-details/). 

Graphic Details has been touring since it opened in San Francisco in 2010 and then moved to Toronto, New York, Washington, Portland and Miami. The artists, who hail from the U.S., Canada, Israel and the UK include: Vanessa Davis; Bernice Eisenstein; Sarah Glidden; Miriam Katin; Aline Kominsky-Crumb; Miss Lasko-Gross; Sarah Lazarovic; Miriam Libicki; Sarah Lightman; Diane Noomin; Corinne Pearlman; Trina Robbins; Racheli Rotner; Sharon Rudahl; Laurie Sandell; Ariel Schrag; Lauren Weinstein; and Ilana Zeffren. Graphic Details is co-curated by Sarah Lightman and Michael Kaminer and is sponsored by The Jewish Daily ForwardGraphic Details: Essays on Confessional Comics by Jewish Women, edited by Sarah Lightman, will be published by McFarland in 2014.

The symposium is supported by JW3, The Jewish Daily Forward, Space Station 65, McFarland, Birkbeck College London, Stirling Maxwell Centre University of Glasgow, The Department of Hebrew and Jewish Studies UCL and Studies in Comics (Intellect Publishing).

We are delighted to announce that Studies in Comics 6.2 (2015), guest edited by Sarah Lightman and Heike Bauer, will be specially dedicated to this conference.