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19 May. Update: Homophobia Rewritten no longer open to all

Due to venue constraints we had to make the difficult decision to limit attendance at the Homophobia Rewritten symposium in June to speakers only.

The door policy will be strictly enforced. Please spread the word about the changed registration process so that people don’t make wasted journeys.

I realise that this is disappointing news for those of you who had planned to attend the event as audience members. However, do keep an eye out on this blog. I will post an update after the symposium has taken place.


1 May 2014: Homophobia Rewritten programme out now!

IMG_1437 - Version 2This update is no longer accurate. Due to venue constraints we had to limit attendance to speakers only. I have updated the post accordingly. HB

 I’m really pleased to announce that the programme for the Homophobia Rewritten symposium I’m organising at Birkbeck is now available. The line-up of speakers includes a fantastic mix of literary and cultural critics, historians and gender studies scholars – and, of course, the brilliant Alison Donnell, who will present the keynote.



New Literary and Cultural Perspectives on Violence and Sexuality

 Friday, 13 June 2014

Birkbeck, University of London



9.30: Welcome & Introduction

         Heike Bauer (Birkbeck): Dead Queer.

 9.45 – 10.45: Dead Ends

Conny Wächter (Paderborn), ‘Internalised Heteronormativity

and Suicide in E.M. Forster and Victoria Cross’.

Lucy Iwamoto (Roehampton), ‘Hate and Homotopias: Young Adult Fiction,

Before, During and After Section 28’.

 11.00 – 12.30: Questionable Visibilities

David R. Sorensen (St Joseph’s University), ‘“An Unnamable Object”:

                     Carlyle, Frederick the Great and the Love that Dared not

Speak Its Name’.

Dominic Janes (Birkbeck), ‘Caricature and Images of Same-Sex Desire

Before the Trials of Oscar Wilde’.

Caroline Walters (Middlesex), ‘Femme Anthologies: Making Femme

Identities Visible’. 

1.30-3.00: Popular Injury

Katherine Hubbard (Surrey), ‘Psychology, Homosexuality and the Graphic

Novels of Alan Moore’.

Monalesia Earle (Birkbeck), ‘”Gutter”: Gloria Naylor’s The Women of

Brewster Place (1982)’.

Harriet King (Nottingham), “A Special King of Suffering”: First Nations

    Sexuality, Gothic Tradition and Trauma Theory in Tomson

      Highway’s Kiss of the Fur Queen’.

3.15- 4.45: Present Tensions

Churnjeet Mahn (Surrey) & Diane Watt (Surrey), ‘Incendiary Sexualities:

Setting Light to Lesbian Bodies in Deepa Mehta’s Fire (1996)’.

Howard Chiang (Warwick), ‘2013: Queering Marriage in Sinophone Communitiies’

Benjamin Eveslage (SOAS), ‘Contemporary Politicisation of

Homosexuality: Presidential Narratives in Sub-Saharan Africa’

 5.00 – 6.00: Keynote   

Alison Donnell (Reading),

Caribbean Queer: Impossibility or Inevitability


The symposium is supported by the

AHRC, BIGS & the Department of English & Humanities, Birkbeck

Contact: h.bauer@bbk.ac.uk                                               

26 March 2014. Contribute NOW: Homophobia Rewritten



The deadline for paper abstracts for ‘Homophobia Rewritten’ is coming up. I’ve already received some great submissions. If you’re interested in contributing, please get in touch by 31 March. 

Contributions from postgraduates as well as established academics welcome.


Call for Papers (deadline 31 March 2014)

Homophobia Rewritten: New Literary Perspectives on Violence and Sexuality

An AHRC-funded Symposium 

Date: Friday, 13 June 2014
Venue: Birkbeck, University of London

Keynote: Professor Alison Donnell (Reading)

This one-day symposium examines literary and cultural representations of, and
responses, to homophobia. It defines homophobia broadly to mean all kinds of denials
of, and attacks on, queer existence including for example heteronormative practices
as well as verbal and physical attacks.

By exploring representations of intimate lives lived with and against the threat of violence,
and by documenting anti-homophobia and other forms of resistance, the symposium
aims to gain new insights into the interlinked cultures, histories, experiences and
politics of violence and sexuality across time and place.

Papers may address, but are not limited to:

* Literary & Cultural Histories of (Anti-) Homophobia
* (Anti-) Homophobia in Fiction / Graphic Novels / Film / Popular Culture / Visual Culture
* Hate / Racism / Antisemitism/ Colonialism / Postcolonialism
* Identities / Bodies / Gender / Class / Race
* (Pre)Modernity / the Contemporary
* Medicine / Law / New Knowledge Formations
* Translation / Migration /Poverty / Wealth

Please send 300-word proposals for 20-minute papers, and a short biographical note, to the organizer,
Dr Heike Bauer (h.bauer@bbk.ac.uk) by 31 March 2014.